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Confused about the recent GREEN CARD…

Confused about the recent GREEN CARD news and not sure what to do? Here’s what YOU need to know:

As #Brexit gets closer without a withdrawal agreement, we’d like to share with you our plan for issuing Green Cards for our motor lines of business.

We want to make the process as streamlined as possible, especially allowing you, our customer, to be able to obtain Green Cards immediately if they are required.

1️⃣When might I expect the rollout of this solution and how can I get my card?

We currently do not have cards. We expect to receive them mid march, assuming there are no Brexit developments that make Green Cards unnecessary by then. We hope to be able to issue the cards then when you call into the office.

2️⃣I’d like a Green Card for every car and van now. Can you facilitate that?

Yes, but this will be mid March. We can issue you with an initial Green Card but you will need to adopt this solution for replacement ones as policies incept, renew and change.

3️⃣What happens UK licence holders? The NDLS has said the UK licence will be invalid.

💡There is no change to cover for existing policies where a driver is resident here but holds a UK licence. Eligibility may change post a No-deal Brexit, but we have no current plans to change this aspect.

Got questions? Just ask in the comments below.👍