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“Am I insured to drive other cars?”

An issue we get asked about a lot is about the rules on driving other cars.

Driving other cars is an extension to your policy offered by most insurers, but it depends on your age and your occupation. The cover offered by insurers differs depending on which company you are dealing with.

Here are some points to check before you drive another person’s car.

  1. The certificate, the schedule and the policy document should be read together.

  2. The driving other cars extension is Third Party only cover, except for a few insurers.

  3. “Third Party only” means the vehicle you are driving which belongs to the other person is not covered.

  4. “Third Party only” cover applies regardless of if you have comprehensive on your own policy.

  5. The named driver under the policy does not have the extension to drive other cars.

  6. The insured/policyholder – is the person who owns the policy. This is not to be confused, the “driving other cars” applies to that person only.

  7. Some insurers restrict cover to the twenty-six counties, in Irish registered cars. This is something that needs to be checked with individual insurers.

  8. The car cannot be owned or registered in your name.

  9. It applies to a car, not a crew cab not a van.

  10. Some insurers restrict the cover to a vehicle of the same cubic capacity as your own or under 2000cc.

Open Drive – This is a different cover completely, and generally comes with an additional charge.

It means that another person within the age limits andlimits of your policy cover can drive your car. If they have an at-fault accident, it is your accident record and the claim is against your policy.

In all cases, the driver must declare any accidents claims or convictions, penalty points or medical conditions to the insurers, the same as if they were named on the policy.

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